May 27, 2007

American era waning

Thought provoking article discussing a piece which appeared in the National Journal entitled "The decline begins", written by James Kitfield award-winning defense and foreign affairs correspondent.

Says Kitfield, "… A surprising number of respected strategic thinkers and foreign-policy elites, from both ends of the political spectrum, already detect a fundamental and potentially lasting realignment of power on the strategic chessboard. Even if an American era that decisively shaped world affairs for the past half-century has not been eclipsed, they warn that it certainly shows signs of waning."

"For a number of reasons, I believe we are entering an era where U.S. power and relative influence, in the Middle East especially, is reduced and the influence of others who have anything but a pro-American outlook is increasing, and that trend is likely to continue for decades to come," said Richard Haass, president of the Council on Foreign Relations. "I predict this realignment will be enduring."

Noteworthy that more articles of this nature will begin appearing indicating that, in the least some intellectuals are espousing their concerns about a weaker America in future. I think readers should exercise caution and refrain from writing the nation off just yet. Nonetheless, it is true that a process has begun, America's influence is abating however, contrary to the authors opinion, it need not be "enduring". I would rather read articles addressing how to reverse what I believe is merely the onset of this abatement.

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