May 16, 2007

Iran suprises IAEA inspectors

After a short notice inspection on Sunday 13 May, the International Atomic Energy Commission has reported that Iran is beginning to enrich Uranium on a greater scale than first thought. "We believe they pretty much have the knowledge about how to enrich," IAEA Director - General Mohamed ElBaradei said.

Both Washington and Europe may well consider doubling their respective diplomatic efforts or at least change tact, to prevent the Iranians from learning how to produce weapons grade material.

To date, Washington has resisted calls to negotiate insisting that Iran suspend its nuclear program ahead of any discussions. This strategy poses a risk in that, with the passage of time, Iran edges closer to overcoming the technological hurdles to produce bomb grade material.

The diplomatic window of opportunity is still wide open as it is one thing to enrich uranium but quite another to enrich it to weapons grade, to produce enough of it, and finally, fit it into a device (weapon), not to mention, a deliverable one.


Lauren said...

Yet another reason why we as Americans must be so aware of what other countries are doing. This only proves my point.

American Interests said...

At least you are doing your bit to promote and where applicable, voice constructive criticism of your national affairs. Promote your views, your blog, and your country as widely as possible and be proud of it.

Lauren said...

Thanks for your support. That's hard to come by nowadays.