May 24, 2007

One of Americas greatest achievements

It was 1969, Neil Armstrong placed his footprints on the moon symbolizing a peak in human achievement. But it was so much more than that, it represented a apex in the power of the United States of America.

Only the U.S. could have achieved it, American innovation, vision and management, American skill, science and technology, American finance and investment. Only America and its people could have done it. The world stood in awe! It was achieved at the height of a cold war and during a fierce regional war - Vietnam.

Is America still capable of greatness? Of course it is, what it needs is leaders with vision, a sense of history and a determination to address current worldly issues in collaboration with, not merely its allies, but the world at large. It must harness new friendships, it must heal divisions, and it must revamp it foreign policy methodologies and objectives. America must lead whilst it still can.

The plates of global power have shifted since the sixties, this is understood. Some political and social commentators have stated that Americas dominance might be over, that its on a path of self-annihilation. are they right, wrong?

All I wish to add is, if the day were to come that the U.S. does collapse economically, financially, politically and strategically, not completely but enough to cause major shifts as foreshadowed above then the world may be faced with a global situation of startling instability and great risk. A global shift in power of which the end product cannot be accurately guessed at, nor can it be forecast with any exactitude's.

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