May 10, 2007

Washington applauds Sarkozy win

Some call him "Sarko the American", a label Nicolas Sarkozy considers an honour. The newly elected French President is attracted to U.S. economic and social systems as well as values. The United States has a new and valuable friend in Europe.


Lauren said...

Maybe now we won't get stabbed in the back by France, by having them chicken out of wars that we are fighting for them. (But don't get your hopes up.)

American Interests said...

No, never get your hopes up, however, the U.S. will get more sympathy from the French Government now than it has in the past. But I foresee a change from June 27 onward when Tony Blair steps down in Great Britain. The British will always be allies but the new leader will tread carefully given that U.S. & U.K. relationship has hurt the Blair Government in the polls. Any change will only be temporary as the Anglo - American relationship is steeped in tradition and mutual understanding.

Lauren said...

That is true. Who knows maybe France will become a great ally to us like England has been. But once again, I'm not counting on it.

Also, do you think Blair purposefully waited till the queen was gone to announce his resignation? (I wouldn't want her yelling at me either. Or maybe she suggested the whole thing...)