June 6, 2007

America imperfect

"The end does not justify the means. No one’s rights can be secured by the violation of the rights of others"

This is the first post in which I am critical of U.S. Policy. It reflects some disquiet on my part after reading about George W. Bush lecturing Putin about derailing democracy.

It is my hope that readers of this post will scrutinize this censure in a constructive context.

As noted in my last post, America’s popularity abroad has fallen sharply of late. A common thread found in polling concerns perceived double standards about the U.S. with many noting a disparity between stated and written ideals and actual practice referring to the current administrations tampering with the nation’s fundamental civil liberties post 9/11.

The United States has forever and a day, championed its democratic values and in particular, its citizens freedoms from government intervention. Through its constitution (being the supreme law of the land) and including the bill of rights contained herein, U.S. citizens are guaranteed civil liberties (including freedom of speech, of association, of assembly, due process, fair trial, to bear arms and to privacy) that constitute a set of democratic rights that peoples of many lands have looked too with envy.

Post 9/11 the Bush administration has scoured U.S. credibility by such normally foreign acts as spying on its own, removing rights to fair trial, and making use of secret courts, not to mention the condoning of activities such as torture. In the longer term, I can see no tangible benefits to be gained by eroding Americas much esteemed and heralded democratic liberties. America must not do away with elements of its constitution due to a relatively small number of terrorists. It is somewhat simplistic to only lay the blame on George W. Bush; something else is going on here, something much more serious which seems to be permeating most levels of the public domain in America. We often here about check and balances, there is a Congress, an independent judiciary, free speech and free press and yet all these mechanisms are failing the citizens of the nation. Balanced and intelligent reason it seems has all but disappeared within communal America.

Liberalism and democracy must prosper for it is wrong to view civil rights and long established laws pertaining to such, as impediments to national security.

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