June 14, 2007

Did you know?

In 1950 the United States, fearing communist incursions in South East Asia began supplying military assistance including equipment, in earnest to the French. In August of the same year the first detachment of U.S. military advisers were dispatched and by the early 1950's America was funding close to 80 percent of France's war effort in Vietnam.

This represented the beginning of enduring and entrenched U.S. involvement in Nam. By 1965 there was over 75,00o Americans fighting there. In 1966, the number leaped to 375,000 and by 1968 to half a million!

Lest we forget.

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Lauren said...

And my father was one of them.

Lauren said...

And my father was one of them.

David Schantz said...

One of my old friends was also in Vietnam early as one of the military advisers. To the day he died he said everything we did in Vietnam was done wrong.

God Bless America, God Save The Republic.

American Interests said...

David: The only thing that was right was the general notion of containing communism. The rest was a fiasco. Sad that so many lost there lives. Thanks for coming by.