July 1, 2007

If America were a stock..."buy"

One hell of a buy!

Wounded, tetchy and less effective than it should be, America is still the power that counts…says “The Economist” in a recent piece entitled, “Still No. 1”.

Increasingly of late, I am observing change a positive change in commentary about the United States within both the print and electronic media. Over the past few years, we have constantly been reading and hearing about the impending demise of the United States; even I have been a part of this. In reality though, the nation is not veritably in decline, it is purely having a challenging moment in its long and celebrated history, one that, with balanced, thoughtful, and courageous scrutiny can, and will be solved. See also “Respect where it’s due

Here a snippet from the Economist article:

"If America were a stock, it would be a “buy”: an undervalued market leader, in need of new management. But that points to its last great strength. More than any rival, America corrects itself. Under pressure from voters, Mr Bush has already rediscovered some of the charms of multilateralism; he is talking about climate change; a Middle East peace initiative is possible. Next year's presidential election offers a chance for renewal. Such corrections are not automatic: something (a misadventure in Iran?) may yet compound the misery of Iraq in the same way Watergate followed Vietnam. But America recovered from the 1970s. It will bounce back stronger again".

Original Source: "Still No 1"

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