June 21, 2007

Respect where it's due

Are you concerned about the rhetoric presented by Presidential hopefuls on all sides of politics?

Are you dissatisfied with congressional performance of late?

Are you sick of the seemingly entrenched negativity circulating within media and on-line circles about the United States?

America deserves greater respect, recognition, and gratitude than it is presently in receipt of. The nation is not veritably in decline, it is purely having a challenging moment in its long and celebrated history, one which, with balanced, thoughtful, and courageous scrutiny can, and will be solved.

Let us commence educating ourselves on potential ways forward without the customary and incessant pessimism so often presented.

Let us begin therefore, with this excellent and thought provoking article by Fareed Zakaria offering fresh insight and considerations in terms of restoring America’s place and confidence in the world.

Zakaria: How to Restore America's Place in the World
What the world needs is an open, confident America.

By Fareed Zakaria
June 11, 2007 issue - In the fall of 1982, I arrived in the United States as an 18-year-old student from India. The country was in rough shape. That December unemployment hit 10.8 percent, higher than at any point since World War II. Interest rates hovered around 15 percent. Abroad, the United States was still reeling from Vietnam and Watergate. The Soviet Union was on a roll, expanding its influence from Afghanistan to Angola to Central America. That June, Israel invaded Lebanon, making a tense situation in the Middle East even more volatile.

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Lauren said...

Great post Otto. I think you hit the nail of a touchy yet important subject right on the head. Many people only wish to see the bad in America and fail to honor her for the great things she has done for the world.

It is time we got the respect and gratitude we deserve.

American Interests said...

That's precisely what I meant Lauren, thank you. It is also the primary reason for my blog - to point out the benefit's of U.S. supremacy. As I have probably asked in the past, please spread the word by referring my blog to all your friends and associates. It is generally nonpartisan so it should not upset anyone.

Chaar said...

"If the country can keep its cool, admit to its mistakes, cherish and strengthen its successes, it will not only recover but return with renewed strength."

Note the word IF. Bush was elected twice lol, now that's pessimism.

Obama sounds like a good guy, hope he gets office and isn't riled with scandals and stuff.

Your post sounds like America needs RESPECT and RESPECT NOW DAMMIT lol, so much so it sounds like hubris.

When I think what you are trying to say is that America needs help from its own good people during these weird times.

Don't sound arrogant. THe only other ppl ive met that sound arrogant are my old relatives, who are still stuck in the days of the british empire.. and no1 likes nor listens to them anymore.

It's good what America is and did with other states. But it's also bad about what America has done.