June 11, 2007

Russia: It's about power

"Pride sullies the noblest character."

It appears as though Russian President Vladimir Putin is using the planned U.S. missile defense shield in Eastern Europe as an excuse to flex some muscle. Little to do with strategic objectives or the systems to which he refers; I would venture to suggest that Putin is attempting to gain lost pride.

Now that Russia is enjoying a steady stream of petro-gas dollars the confidence to confront is returning. Like a bear returning from a long sleep after nearly two long decades; no doubt we can expect more stiff rhetoric after the long hibernation. He even had the nerve to suggest to Tony Blair that the West is "worried and fearful" of Russian foreign policy.

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Lauren said...

It seems as if when Russians are born, they are instilled with a sense of pride and with the thoughts that they are a powerful nation that can do anything.(much like most Americans) But unlike Americans, their glory days are long over. I do not blame them for trying to hold on to the past. That's what I would do if America fell from greatness.

Russia was once a great and powerful nation, but she abused that power and lost it. I pray America never abuses and loses the power she has today.