July 1, 2007

Australia and American Interests

Australian troops in Iraq conduct live firing range practice

I was once asked, Why as an Australian is your blog about American interests? This can constitute a lengthy response ...

My "about this blog" heading mostly provides the answer.

In any event, at present there is a great deal of America bashing going on around the globe, and not just within online circles. This, in some way, was the catalyst underscoring my decision to create the blog.

My loyalty to the United States also stems from my own nationalism in relation to Australia. Our nations have much in common, both were born out of British invasions and recently there has been are strong convergence with Australia increasingly not just supporting, but acting as an adjunct to U.S foreign policy.

Apart from strong similarities in economic and political culture we also share a common duty to save the globe from chaos and foreign elements that hinder prosperty, peace and democracy.

Vice President, Cheney summed it well during a visit to our shores in February 2007:

"Your country and mine are filled with people who speak plainly and honestly. And surely that's one of the reasons we're natural friends. When Americans think of Australia, we think of a place with a pioneering spirit much like our own. We think of a country that shares our founding commitments to liberty and to equality, and to our traditions of justice and tolerance. We think, above all, of the character of the Australian people -- self-reliant, practical, and good-hearted. President Ronald Reagan stated the case very well. He said, Australia and America "see the world from similar perspectives, though no two countries could be more opposite on the ends of the globe... we were born in the same era, sprang from the same stock, and live for the same ideals. Australia and America share an affinity that reaches to our souls ... over time, that deep affinity has grown into a great alliance. Together we've confronted common dangers. We've given generously to the relief of suffering from famine, disease, and natural disaster. We've defended democratic ideals; worked for regional stability and security; and added to the prosperity for both our countries."

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