July 6, 2007

Economic might

Here is a notion; greater reliance on U.S. economic power can re-direct foreign policy without abandoning the historical U.S. ambition of encouraging freedom and political reform around the world.

The United States possesses the largest market in the global economy but has failed to integrate this exclusive political asset in the larger global struggle against terrorism.

Should the United States return to the principles of liberal internationalism that marked the golden era of U.S. diplomacy in the years immediately following the end of World War II?

In a manner of speaking, it is about deploying U.S. consumers in the larger campaign to promote freedom in the struggle against enemies of state to endorse, promote and uphold freedom thereby allowing market forces to advance economic development, democracy, and peace.

Expanded access to the U.S. consumer market cultivates a foundation for common global political interests with the United States through the creation of jobs and economic opportunities in potential havens for terrorist activity.

What do you think?

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