July 16, 2007

Pyongyang shuts down reactor

UN inspectors arrived in North Korea on Saturday to monitor the communist country's promise to scale back its nuclear weapons program, while the top US nuclear envoy Assistant Secretary of State Christopher Hill, said he expected Pyongyang's reactor to be shut down in a matter of days and that he believes the disabling of the North's nuclear plants could be completed by the end of the year. An initial shipment of oil aid arrived hours earlier on Saturday, in return for Pyongyang's pledge to close down its main nuclear reactor.

The move would be the North's first step in nearly five years toward the de-nuclearization of the peninsula. The oil the North received by way of a South Korean ship was an initial 6200 tonnes of 50,000 tonnes as a reward for the reactor shutdown.

Under an agreement reached earlier this year with the US and other regional powers, Pyongyang will receive a total equivalent of a million tonnes of oil for dismantling its nuclear program.


Jeb said...

Did you see Matt's latest post on this? It's good stuff.


American Interests said...

Thanks Jeb