July 18, 2007

Will Korea back off nukes?

Does North Korea really intend to relinquish it's nuclear weapons producing capability, and abide by the February 13th agreement?

As some critics of the diplomatic efforts contend, North Korea could well be hoodwinking the international community with clever diversions while they pursue a goal of developing nuclear weapons? Not everyone thinks that the nonproliferation developments signal progress. Some caution that what looks like promising compliance by North Korea could simply be a facade behind which the nation slowly advances toward entry into the club of nuclear countries.

I point you to some poignant and insightful remarks about what may be the real story behind Pyongyang's intentions .
..."all the international community has seen from Pyongyang has been the relatively easy task of flipping the switch on a decaying reactor (that it has already used to produce then extract weapons-grade plutonium from, and possibly assembly a small but significant arsenal of nuclear explosive devices from as well) and signaling that it might not care to see the rest of the deal through". READ MORE

See also: Pyonyang shuts down reactor

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Donald Douglas said...

I don't trust them, Ottavio. Thanks for the links!

American Interests said...

Thanks for coming by Douglas