August 11, 2007

France’s Sarkozy to turn Franco-American Relations

President George W. Bush will host his French counterpart Nicolas Sarkozy for the first time on Saturday, having him round for lunch in a hint of warming bilateral relations after the chill that fell under France's last president. "This is an opportunity for the two leaders and their wives to get to know each other better, spend some time together in a private setting," Bush's National Security Council spokesman said.

Recently, the bilateral relationship between the United States and France has been described as cold and marked by competition, and reached new lows when France and the United States disagreed over Iraq.

"As President Bush prepares to meet with French President Nicolas Sarkozy in Maine August 11, Georgetown University professor and Director of Europe Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations Charles Kupchan says there is reason to believe the two countries will develop a reliable partnership on areas of mutual concern such as the humanitarian situation in Darfur, Sudan, and nuclear weapons nonproliferation. The United States and France ought to be the closest of allies"...