August 15, 2007

Iranian RGC's to be labeled 'Terrorist'

The Washington Post reports that Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps (125,000-strong elite military branch) are to be Labeled 'Terrorist', a move that will allow Washington to target the group's business operations and finances.

Is this the next step in the US-Iran showdown? One can only assume that tensions between Tehran and Washington will rise further and, judging from the opinions of the newspapers readers, many believe that war with Iran will eventually happen, said one commentator:

"Let's face facts here. Iran and the US are on a collision course in slow motion. War with Iran will happen. Only the timing is undecided. Both societies are preparing for total war. Iran is enforcing internal discipline with the same vigor it had in the days of the revolution, and we are slowly but surely bringing all our ducks into a row as well. The subject of this article is just one more small step. Maybe we will engage the enemy during Bush 43, or during Hillary 44, but we will engage them ... Count on it".

Would you agree that military confrontation with Iran is inevitable and is this labeling exercise a good move on the part of the U.S.?


Incognito said...

Yikes. I'm hoping it happens within, before we have a chance to engage. All it would take would be revolutionary action by the student population etc. It can happen. It did in the former Yugoslavia! and elsewhere... just don't know if there is too much fear amongst the people to foment change.