August 5, 2007

Out of left field

They say he's a new hero of the left, a star of U.S. culture and poster kid for small liberals; he advocates an alternative foreign policy, an internationalism that sidelines the sticks in favor of carrots (rooted in liberal tradition) for fighting jihad and is quite close to Democratic Presidential candidates – that is what they say, and that sums my knowledge of him.

I refer to Peter Beinart and he is coming to town, my town that is. His book, The Good Fight is released in Australia this month. The planned tour will see him appear at a writer’s festival and address the Australian-American Leadership Dialogue.

But what's he really all about, should one make an effort to go see him, listen to his point of view for knowledge sake?


Donald Douglas said...

I haven't read his book, but he appears to be a thoughtful commentator. Still, I prefer a more robust (neoconservative) foreign policy.

Take care, Ottavio!

American Interests said...

Thanks Donald, your foreign policy preference would also be my choice.