September 1, 2007

Dim responses

The site of this cartoon at the NeoCon Command Center blog got me thinking and was the catalyst for this post. It was with interest and disappointment that I read about the Washington Post and other newspapers deciding not to run 'Opus' cartoons mocking radical Islam in the U.S.

Sometimes denial is a practical and inherent human attribute. Comedy through cartoon strips constitutes but one form of reporting on news and contemporary issues, lighthearted it may be, but it serves as helpful way of conveying a message. However, when institutions and a society, disallow this, it is analogous to denying us important information, in this case about impending dangers. The peace of mind generated is both foolhardy and of an interim nature. What is it with the likes of the Washington Post in this regard? Is the denial so intrinsic relating to the unspeakable consequences of the rise of radical Islam? Institutional bodies are being completely irresponsible and careless if they suppress or deny open accounts of radical Islamic events, their beliefs and character no matter what form this reporting takes.

Said one American blogger:

"Look at how the press bows in submissiveness toward Islam already and they aren't even our conquerors yet. Yet for some reason they take an incredibly hostile stance toward our president. Figure that one out".

The United States, (and Britain, Australia) cannot create a prudent response to the risk if both the character of and extent of the menace, is not acknowledged, clearly identified, and broadly reported in whatever form. It seems some writers, politicians and parts of the wider media establishment cannot grasp the implications of the ideology of radical Islam.


Brooke said...

This kind of censorship coming from a rag that wouldn't dare halt any cartoons denigrating Bush, or insulting Christianity... If they cannot even tolerate humor, who believes for even a moment that they care about the First Amendment?

Great post! :D

Elaine said...

Political correctness in the United States has become ridiculous! I so agree with Brooke's comment!!

Good post, glad you wrote on this topic!

WomanHonorThyself said...

youre so right Ottavio..I posted on this as well!..Keep up the good fight...p.s. Please dont put a link to your blog in my comments unless u link back to my site... because my spam filter will gobble ya up hun!..:)

American Interests said...

wht: Thanks and about the link, it is understood.

Donald Douglas said...

Thanks for your interesting comments today at my page, Ottavio!

American Interests said...

Your blog is a worthy site for interesting commentary! Thanks Donald.

Debbie said...

You present the situation perfectly. How can we fight against this enemy, if a portion of our citizens continue to now only deny who the enemy is, but work against the rest of us?

Thanks for visiting Right Truth, I always appreciate reading your comments and views.

American Interests said...

Thanks Debbie that's a great blog you have there.