September 12, 2007

Remembering 9/11

Americans stood in silence to remember the nearly 3,000 people killed in the September 11 attacks on Tuesday as Osama bin Laden resurfaced to praise the suicide hijackers responsible. This week marks the sixth anniversary of the devastating terrorist attacks and bloggers around the world are paying homage to this unforgettable day, providing personal reflections and commentary on relevant current political events.

I could not help but notice, all the Bush bashing within U.S. Blogosphere on this, the anniversary of 9/11. In scrutinizing America from Australasia, it has come to my attention that international respect for the U.S. is in part, proportional to America’s own respect for its leaders. This is not the President’s war it is a nations, a war authorised by 296 House members and 76 senators. If its political leaders joined forces in a true sense of bi-partisanship, Democrat and Republican alike, then a victory can be designed and terrorism ultimately controlled. Otherwise we risk terrorism winning out, said Abu Musab al-Zarqawi just before being killed by U.S. forces in 2006, ‘We fight today in Iraq, tomorrow in the land of the holy places, and after that in the West’.

The United States must strive for cohesion and honourable conduct, regrettably, internal squabbling detracts from this.

Reverting back to remembering 9/11, I present a small number of featured posts:

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Elaine said...

Excellent observation. Very sad day yesterday for America. Even the news reporters couldn't give it break for one day! Still Bush bashing/war bashing/and those looking back to that horrible day in NYC are now saying the former Mayor "should have" (fill in the blank). I had to turn off the TV and walk away from it yesterday.

American Interests said...

Thank you for passing by Elaine.

Debbie said...

It is sad when America is split as she is today. One would think in times of attack and war, we could come together. At least on the day we remember those lives taken by Islamic terrorists. But no.

You say, "international respect for the U.S. is in part, proportional to America’s own respect for its leaders." You are correct. What a sad truth that is.

Beyond the Clintons said...

9/11 should not have been politicized by having the Petraeus assessment this week.
Now, it is clear to me that this President wants to keep US troops in Iraq for as long as it takes. Therefore, he should inform the Nation that achieving a stable Iraq will require a very long commitment by our military. The Pentagon has stated that the surge cannot be maintained so the force reduction the President will announce to the nation was already going to happen because the military is stretched to thin. That is unacceptable. If the President is truly serious about our mission in Iraq and he believes that we are in the fight of our lifetime on par with the challenges we faced in World War II, then we need to reinstate the draft and mobilize this country for victory.

Paul Champagne said...

This war has become way too politicized. I think it might actually be the fault of the administration. The President has been less than stellar in communicating the facts to the American people. The rest of the blame can be layed upon the Democrats that are using this for political advantage.

American Interests said...

Debbie: Well said, glad you agree.

Beyond the Clintons: Good comments, we should not be surprised about the politicization of this event, it's what politicians do. I will stop by your site soon.

Paul Champagne: Valid comments, I am not surprised that the Presidents communication has been less than perfect given the anti-war voices in Washington and beyond. I will stop by your site soon.

Did you know that a recent poll found that 16% of Americans think about 9/11 *every* day, and further to that, 77% of Easterners think about it once a week and 46% of Westerners likewise. I'm presuming that East / West is defined by the Mississippi.

According to Zogby, See:

Have a great day or night all, as the case may be.

Flag Gazer said...

Great observations.

This is America's war, and we need to fight it as Americans, not as R's and D's.

If I saw the press this country generates about itself coming out of another country, I would not respect it either.

WomanHonorThyself said...

sigh..........Sept 11th..memories of heartache.....

heidi jackson said...

love your site. love your insight. it amazes me that the president has not been more vocal, more forceful - shoot, i think your president is doing a better job of educating americans on the real dangers than bush. but still, i am behind this war. i will not submit, not now, not ever.

American Interests said...

Star Gazer

Very kind of you to comment, thanks or coming by. The challenge for foreigners is to look beyond the internal divisions and see the whole picture in terms of what you’re fighting for. Likewise, understand how by protecting its own interests the U.S. is protecting the interests of many nations.


From what I have read, it’s too traumatic for some. As always I appreciate your coming by.

Heidi Jackson

You are right, our leader has staunchly support Australia’s involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan alongside your forces.

Apart from strong similarities in economic and political culture, we also share a common duty to save the globe from chaos and foreign elements that hinder prosperity, peace and democracy.

Vice President, Cheney summed it well during a visit to our shores in February 2007:

"Your country and mine are filled with people who speak plainly and honestly. And surely that's one of the reasons we're natural friends. When Americans think of Australia, we think of a place with a pioneering spirit much like our own. We think of a country that shares our founding commitments to liberty and to equality, and to our traditions of justice and tolerance. We think, above all, of the character of the Australian people -- self-reliant, practical, and good-hearted. President Ronald Reagan stated the case very well. He said, Australia and America "see the world from similar perspectives, though no two countries could be more opposite on the ends of the globe... we were born in the same era, sprang from the same stock, and live for the same ideals. Australia and America share an affinity that reaches to our souls ... over time, that deep affinity has grown into a great alliance. Together we've confronted common dangers. We've given generously to the relief of suffering from famine, disease, and natural disaster. We've defended democratic ideals; worked for regional stability and security; and added to the prosperity for both our countries."

heid jackson said...

otto, i actually have that printed and framed with some pictures my husband took when down under last year. your fights are our fights and vice versa. if either of us fall, the world is in big trouble and most of europe doesn't even realize it.

keep up the great work!

Debbie said...

That's an interesting poll about September 11. I think of September 11 almost every day.

I have added you to the blogroll Otto, thank you so much for including Right Truth in your blogroll.

Have a wonderful evening.

Anonymous said...

perhaps you should also remember the thousands of innocent victims killed by the so called 'war on terror'

American Interests said...

Anonymous: Thanks for your worthy comment. I actually do remember the innocent victims and believe that what you are really saying is that perhaps I should have mentioned them in the post.

Regrettably, there will always be innocent victims in conflicts and wars. Unless they are messed up, no one like’s war, accordingly everyone is, or should be anti war. Certainly, I am against war, and would venture to suggest that even George W. Bush and John Howard hate wars. It would be great if humans did not have to die but that is war, many do die and suffer something that cannot be avoided.

As a prominent East Coast blogger neo-neocon wrote in a recent post, “there are no solutions to the problem of human conflict that will eliminate the need for force at times, just as there are virtually no large-scale societies that can do away with police or prisons … but when prevention (and our very incomplete knowledge of how to accomplish it, (my words)) has failed, sometimes it’s the only answer.”.

Once again thanks for coming by.

Anonymous said...

You did a Great job on this blog.
I hope that maybe one day we all can get together in this country and realize that we have one common enemy!
Oh well, dream on DD2...

Bar Kochba said...

The problem is with the term 'War on Terror'. Terror is not an enemy, it is a tactic. Our enemy is Islamic jihad and our leadership needs to recognize it.

Goat said...

The Democrats scheduled the Petaeus report for around the time of their planned anti-war rally hoping it would be a dismal we are losing report. Good point about how we are seen overseas, Otto.
Damn glad to have you Aussies as mates in this Long War against Islamo- fascism. Thanks for the blogroll link!

American Interests said...

bar kochba: You are indeed correct, I believe you may have highlighted this at your blog at some stage. Thanks for visiting.

goat: I really appreciate your comments and praise.

American Interests said...

dd2: Thanks for coming by....