October 18, 2007

History Dictates - An early exit is not an option

The comparison serves, as a useful aide memoire of what will, not may happen, if we exit this war hastily ... thus allowing the Islamofacists to unleash ...

Dr. Earl Tilford, a Professor of History at Grove City College and former director of research at the U.S. Army's Strategic Studies Institute, has posted an excellent piece at FrontPage Magazine. His conclusions should serve as useful fodder for policy-makers and politicians alike - and not just in Washington - as they grabble with Iraq and the war on terror.

Have the true ramifications of an early departure been considered let alone scrutinized? Leaving Iraq prior to establishing security and a central government would prove disastrous.

Tilford recalls the last years of Vietnam and the consequences of America’s exit for the local population.

“Enormous numbers of South Vietnamese who fought for the Saigon government and who supported U.S. policy were left behind to face the harsh “justice” of the victorious communists. In Cambodia and Laos, major blood baths took place. The Cambodian Khmer Rough systematically annihilated anyone associated with the Phnom Penh government along with an entire class of educated people. Millions were murdered. In Laos, the Pathet Lao, under the control of the North Vietnamese, imprisoned and murdered the Lao royal family along with hundreds of officials of the Vientiane government. The North Vietnamese and Pathet Lao conducted a genocidal campaign against the Hmong, a tribal people who, with U.S. support, fought valiantly for their homes in the mountains surrounding the Plain of Jars” .

“In early 1975, as the communists initiated their final offensives in South Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, the American left remained riveted on the supposed ravages of war wreaked on Indochina by U.S. military forces. A continuous cacophony bellowed about “secret bombings” and lamented an “eco-disaster” issuing from a supposed “bathing of South Vietnam” in Agent Orange. In the aftermath, the left’s silence over the murderous aftermath undertaken by the communist Vietnamese and their cohorts in Cambodia and Laos was pervasive”.

“The lessons for today are clear. First, any precipitous U.S. withdrawal from Iraq would be costly even if it were possible, which it isn’t. Second, the sectarian violence that follows, being religiously and ethnically-driven, will be far bloodier than what happened in South Vietnam, more resembling the ethnic and class-cleansing carried out by the Khmer Rouge and Pathet Lao. Third, in Indochina there was no regional power ready or able to fill the void left by America—China tried in 1979 and the Vietnamese army trounced its invasion forces. Iran, by contrast, is anxious to dominate Iraq, seize its oil, and then exercise hegemony over the Persian Gulf region”.

The comparison serves, as a useful aide memoire of what will, not may happen, if we exit this war hastily. To whatever degree citizen’s abroad resent the U.S. at the present, it would pale in comparison to how America would be seen if it exited prematurely thus allowing the Islamofacists to unleash terror on the population. In Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia there were blood baths resulting in hundreds of thousands of deaths, some say millions.

Winning this war is vital for both America and Western interests alike.

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Paul Champagne said...

Unfortunately, the Democrats see the wholesale slaughter, and maybe even genocide in the Middle-East as just collateral damage. The Important thing is that President Bush loses the war.

And this is supposed to be the party with a heart in Washington?

The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

The only way Democrats can continue to claim that Iraq is another Vietnam and also try to justify that claim is to re-create the , "exit, "scenerio from that war.

Though from a political, military, strategic and common enemy stand point, Iraq and Vietnam have absolutly no similarities except that the US is present.

Dems still live in the sixties with their protests and their politics!

heidianne jackson said...

my view is that the liberals, worldwide, want to see america fail. history proves that our only failure as it pertains to vietnam is that we bailed too soon. the libs want us to actually fail somewhere so that [hopefully] more americans will sign up for the liberal idiocy...

thanks for the honors, otto. great post, as always :)

Donald Douglas said...

Great posting, Ottavio!

Brian, aka Nanoc, aka Norski said...

I'm inclined to agree with Paul Champagne on at least one point. An intense, abiding, consuming hatred and loathing of President Bush seems to guide the policies and actions of many in decision-making positions here in America.

However, I think that pulling out of Iraq might lead to something more serious that another 'fall of Saigon.' North Vietnam was not likely to follow American troops back to the USA.

There's a very good chance that Al Qaeda, or a group with similar goals, will win the shootout that will follow a premature U.S. withdrawal form Iraq.

I believe that three more-or-less oil-rich states in a row: Syria, Iraq, and Iran; in the hands of terrorists; soon to have nuclear weapons; would have the ability, and the will, to carry their jihad wherever they wanted.

In such a case, the loathed President Bush's remarks about WWIII would be altogether too realistic.

Enough rant. Thanks for the post!

Tapline said...

AI, Excellent post, good research...I was there. Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. When we (the Americans) left according to all reports it was the killing fields all over. Fighting was going on in Laos since 1956 and probably before. The president we had at that time was ineffective. We threw Hungary under the bus at that time also and had some kind of a treaty with Laos. I wasn't into politics way back then....I do know that America was the Ugly American way back then, In fact there was a book and Movie with Marlon Brando." The Ungly American". It hasn't changed and we are still buying countries leaders altough it never gets to the population..Look at Arafat he made millions while his people starved and lived in pasteboard huvvels. (sp) I'm an terrible speller.Anyway, I agree with your assessment It will be a bloodbath, but I think the american people are getting tired of listeneing to the doom and gloom.of the "drive by media",pardon the pun. Things are looking better over there anyway. I usually go to "Iraq the Model" blog for an update on Iraq. They are very good. Stay well......

heidianne jackson said...

awesome point, brian. thanks!!!

American Interests said...

p. champagne: Thanks, admittedly they're still talking measured or phased withdrawels without understanding the points raised in this post.

lib lie conserv truth: Sixties politics and culture should not be enlived today .. different world .. different circumstances

Heidianne: Let's hope they fail!

Donald: Appreciate your coming by

brian a n norski: Bull's-eye ... excellent!

Tapline: Thanks, your thoughts on this are most welcome. I will look up that "Iraq the model" blog.

Heidianne: I agree great points! If you get time have a look at Brian's blog at: