December 20, 2007

Russia and Iran: A risky liaison

Peter Brookes of Real Clear Politics tells us that the Kremlin may ultimately weaken its own position with its decision to supply Iran with nuclear fuel.

"Like the bone-chilling Siberian winter winds, the bad news just keeps howling out of Mother Russia these days."

"Following on the heels of less-than-free-and-fair parliamentary elections, last week Russia concluded a deal with Iran to finish construction of the nuclear reactor at Bushehr early next year."

"And this week, Russia delivered a year's worth of nuclear fuel - 82 tons - for Bushehr, broadening and deepening Tehran's atomic aptitude and its potential for joining the once exclusive nuclear-weapons club."

"Of course, the Russians say there's no reason to worry because they have written assurances from the Iranians the fuel won't go for anything but power generation at the plant - and will be returned to Russia after it's "spent."

"The Kremlin's foreign ministry also assures us that the nuclear fuel, while in Iran, will be under the "control and guarantee" of the UN nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency. (Yes, the same agency Iran has hoodwinked for over 20 years.)"

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Is it about international competitiveness in the Middle East or increasing its bargaining position with the U.S. in relation to the missile defense systems planned for Europe?

One thing is certain, the decision weakens the UN Security Councils efforts to end Iran's defiance and risks undermining plans to regulate the spread of nuclear technologies particularly in the region.

Either way, more evidence that Russia is well and truly back from the cold.

What do you think?


Tapline said...

Otto, There is so much that goes on under the table, one never knows exactly what is going on. Just looking at this situation, it stinks to high heaven. So we take a step back and say what is going on here. America is Ok with this situation????I don't think so, but what are they going to do about it. It just burns my a$$. Who was there to pick up the pieces of what was left of the Giant Bear...The US. I don't get even a little part of it....I ramble again....stay well.....

American Interests said...

Thanks Tap