April 22, 2008

President Bush, Aids, PEPFAR and Bush Derangement Syndrome

"Was it unrealistic to expect some credit and praise for the extraordinary initiatives of the current administration to combating aids in the continent? ... (the) remarks demonstrate an almost innate hostility toward both modern America and its administration, an unfathomable lack of understanding or plain, unrestrained bias."

The Archbishop Desmond Tutu is not one whom I would caste as dim. The past noble prize winner, humanitarian advocate, and ceaseless devotee to African interests can lay claim to an esteemed reputation in the fight for justice in Africa. But his past remarks about President Bush and the United States raised this writer’s ire.

In order to address the "anger, resentment, and fear that has replaced the respect the United States once enjoyed”, Foreign Policy Watch, a magazine that focuses on global politics, economics, and ideas, recently posted a series that posed a question for notable figures to address. It asked, "what single policy or gesture can the next President of the United States make to improve America’s standing in the world?”

One of the respondents was none other than Tutu, who wrote:

" … Today; the negative feelings about the United States have been provoked by the arrogance of unilateralism. The administration of George W. Bush has routinely thumbed its nose at the rest of the world and told it to go jump in the lake. It did so over the Kyoto Protocol, the International Criminal Court, and the detention center at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba. But nowhere did it do so more spectacularly than in the invasion of Iraq, heaping contempt upon the United Nations and upending international law. That arrogant action has turned out to be a catastrophic disaster on all scores.... If the world’s superpower has the grace and modesty to say it is sorry, people would rub their eyes in disbelief, pinch themselves, and then smile because a new day had dawned.”

“Say sorry,” was the Archbishop kidding? Was it unrealistic to expect some credit and praise for the extraordinary initiatives of the current administration to combating aids in the continent? The African HIV Project is by far, the worlds most important and ambitious effort in the fight against the disease. It was not that long ago, under ten years in fact, that Aids was on the verge of decimating its population. The United States Presidents Emergency Plan for Aids Relief (PEPFAR) symbolizes far more that “foreign policy moralism,” it represents a public health initiative unparalleled in size and scope.

When it was first announced in January 2003 Pepfar called for a 5-year, $15 billion comprehensive approach to fight the disease. It ensured that the U.S. led the world in its support to fight HIV/Aids. Following on, in May 2007, President Bush re-authorized Pepfar with a new 5-year, $30 billion proposal therefore doubling the 2003 commitment. As the NYT reported in January, In Global Battle on Aids, Bush Creates Legacy.

“If President Bush was going to shock the world — and skeptical Republicans — with a huge expenditure of American cash to send expensive drugs overseas, he wanted it to be well spent" ... “He said, ‘I will hold you accountable, because this is a big move, this is an important thing that I’ve been thinking about for a long time,’” recalled Dr. Pape, one of several international AIDS experts Mr. Bush consulted. “We indicated to him that our arms are totally broken as physicians, knowing that there are things we could do if we had the drugs "... “Nearly five years later, the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief — Pepfar, for short — may be the most lasting bipartisan accomplishment of the Bush presidency.”

Moreover, the results of Pepfar have been telling:

1. Prevention - Progress Achieved through September 30, 2007

  • Supported prevention of mother-to-child HIV transmission services for women during more than 10 million pregnancies (cumulative for fiscal years 2004 through 2007)

  • Supported antiretroviral prophylaxis for HIV-positive women in over 827,000 pregnancies (cumulative for fiscal years 2004 through 2007)

  • Supported prevention of an estimated 157,000 infant infections (cumulative for fiscal years 2004 through 2007)

  • Supported community outreach activities to nearly 61.5 million people to prevent sexual transmission

  • Supported training or retraining of nearly 520,000 people in provision of prevention services

2. Treatment - Progress Achieved through September 30, 2007
  • Globally, supported life-saving antiretroviral treatment for approximately 1,445,500 men, women and children

  • Supported life-saving antiretroviral treatment for approximately 1,358,500 men, women and children through bilateral programs in PEPFAR's 15 focus countries in sub-Saharan Africa, Asia and the Caribbean

For a complete guide to latest results click here

Archbishop Tutu’s remarks demonstrate an almost innate hostility toward both modern America and its administration, an unfathomable lack of understanding or plain, unrestrained bias. Speaking of which, why have the majority media not noticed, let alone commended the current Presidents achievements? Perhaps yet again, it was being unrealistic to expect the press to put aside its prejudice about President Bush and tell us about it. Perhaps too, I underestimated how entrenched Bush Derangement Syndrome really is - a condition first coined by Washington Post columnist, Charles Krauthammer. In addition to the silly notion that it was he, who whipped up Hurricane Katrina, and that it was he, who caused 9/11, and that he is stupid despite degrees from Harvard and Yale not to mention possessing fighter pilot qualifications. Exponents of Bush Derangement Syndrome will now foster the idea that it was he, who introduced aids to Africa in the first place.

One day, in the not to distant future President Bush will receive the respect that I believe he merits for his efforts to curb the scourge of HIV/Aids.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, buddy, you are so right on the money here. Look at the overwhelming response Bush received in Kigali two months ago. They reacted that way because maybe they APPRECIATE the 10 billion he's earmarked to help fight aids/malaria in the region. Contrast that with bush's predesessor. The rwanda chapter in a problem from hell by samantha power lays out chapter and verse how clinton not only did nothing but pressured other security council members to do nothing. years later, when he went to rwanda to apologize for his admin's role in making the genocide a lot worse than it might have been, he stayed for half an hour and didn't even leave the airport runway! a truly repellent man, with an equally repellent wife. And i enjoyed your astronomical writings. long live superwasp! www.superwasp.org

Me said...

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Karen said...

The US should apologize? What crap. Tutu never had my respect and still doesn't.

The Bush administration will be known for a strategic approach to fighting terrorism, planting the seeds of democracy in the middle east and for doing more for the eradication of HIV/AIDs and malaria on the African continent. To deny any of this will be the denier's folly.

Debbie said...

The Africans love him, as per his reception on his recent trip. But yes, with the Liberals in the US and around the world, it IS TOO MUCH to expect some acknowledgment. The talking point is that Bush is stupid and evil, that he has done nothing good or right.

Say we are sorry? Oh my goodness.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

American Interests.blog said...

umulisa: Spot on and I appreciate your praise of the astronomical stuff...

me: dreamsfulfilled?

American Interests.blog said...

Karen: About apology, what a joke. It elicited an emotional response when I first read it. Thanks for coming by...

Debbie: Bush can make announcements about extraodinary sums of aid and not a whisper, but a slip of the tongue, and every popular radio and tv network reports incessantly.

WomanHonorThyself said...

what a super post Otto..bravo!..but dont hold your breath for righteous folk receiving their earned merits my friend..sigh

The Historian said...

Great point Otto.

Debbie is correct: the left in America and around the world hates Bush and, for the most part, America as well.

Otherwise both Bush and the nation are well liked if not admired.

American Interests.blog said...

Angel: The righteous folk rarely do get their earned merit do they ...

The Historian: Thanks! I'll be over to the Real World soon...

MK said...

Sorry but tutu is an elitist ass, to add to your post, have a read of this. By the way tutu if i'm not mistaken holds residency for the United States, typical leftist eh.

People like him make me sick, the people of Iraq suffered under Saddam and America should apologize for liberating them! Perhaps the world should apologize for condemning apartheid too then. A lot of people in South Africa don't like America because of what they did in Iraq, it seems they simply cannot draw any parallels to the oppression and mass killing that were going on in Iraq under Saddam.

Either that or the treacherous, vile leftwing media have successfully brainwashed them into thinking that America is really occupying, pillaging and raping Iraq or something.

Aurora said...

I'm with MK, Tutu is the classic Leftist. While holding a position of great power and respect, he throws out his PC snide remarks always on the topics that are the designated causes de jour.
America has been the most generous nation on earth and to cast slurs on that in any way is nothing but vile ingratitude. Say sorry? In your dreams, Tutu.

The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

Right on the mark Otto! Tutu has been a thorn ever since the Reagan administration and has NEVER given the US the least amount of credit for the fantastic job our nation has done both on Tutu's Continent and the rest of the world combating things like AIDS etc.

If he is so strong with and , "righteous," about his condemnation then why doesn't this leftists mouth piece lash out at the Despots in Africa who have stolen food and monetary assistance from those who are suffering and abandoned the poor to the ravages of AIDS and starvation ?

But then if he actually did that he would have to admit that he too has been an attributing factor to the problem rather than the advocate for solving the problem that he thinks he is by condemning the President and The United States.

heidianne jackson said...

great post otto - per usual. as for your statement: "Exponents of Bush Derangement Syndrome will now foster the idea that it was he, who introduced aids to Africa in the first place."

maybe you missed it, but if not bush's fault, it is the fault of the "white american leaders" - obama's mentor of 20 years has stated it on a number of occasions.

tutu is nothing more than a leftist moralist. meaning he can moralize anything and everything he says without any regard for the truth. sounds like every other leftist leader i've ever listened to.

heidianne jackson

Z said...

What's sickening is that nobody here in the States is telling the truth, showing documentaries of all Bush has done (i think it's too much, by the way...don't throw stones at me!, but where's the rest of the world? They're the ones saying we were wrong to go in unilaterally to Iraq, why isn't it wrong for us to do all the heavy lifting in Africa, too?)
Tutu says "a new day" will have dawned if we apologize? No, the real new day will have dawned when America gets smart and starts bringing the millions they give away back to our own country and help us HERE with our own problems...AND, HIS idea of a 'new day' will be us groveling at the feet of the UN....no doubt about it.
The face of that little child in Bush's arms here says it all. They are going to have better lives because of him. THAT deserves congratulations, not a whipping.

American Interests.blog said...

mk: Residency in the States? Well well...Thanks for the link. I'm beginning to think I was too kind to him in my post...Great thoughts about Iraq. Take care ...

Aurora: Well said. Tutu fits the classic leftist definition.

Liberal Lie Conservative Truth: His jibes and antics do go back a while. I find it appalling that he would actually be so publically critical of the U.S. Oh so typical...

American Interests.blog said...

Heidianne: Thanks for taking time out from your busy schedule to comment. His moralist methods are well practiced. So the lefties have a back up, if Bush didn't introduce Aids in africa it was the "white american leaders"...Obama's mentor is yet another quintessential leftist...

z: I've been getting tired and annoyed at the rants aimed at Bush and the U.S. in general... part of the inspiration to launch AI. More often than not, the fact that the U.S. has its own challenges is overlooked, sometimes I find myself hoping the America would withdraw a little to let the world sort its own but then again...

Layla said...

Hi Otto!

Great write-up! The liberals will never acknowledge any of the good things Bush did and that is because if they do they know their shortcomings will show all the more.

David Schantz said...

I'm not a Bush fan but I don't think everything bad that happen in the past eight years was his fault. I also feel credit should be given when credit is due.

Great post.

God Bless America. God Save The Republic.

American Interests.blog said...

Thanks Layla: http://thehillchronicles.com/

Thanks David: http://arepublic.blogspot.com/

MK said...

"I'm beginning to think I was too kind to him in my post..."

No worries, he needs all the support he can get Otto, with the liberal scumbags running most media outlets these days, you'd never hear about such things. Besides leftists aren't really interested in folks who do any actual good, rather just those who seem to be waffling on about a lot.

Z said...

AI...I am with you. If the States withdrew, too, maybe countries which don't know they can barely survive without us might show some respect? Or is that too much to ask these days?
A friend told me her Argentinian girlfriend loved the States and could barely wait to visit every few years. Since the Socialist woman was elected, this girl is very lukewarm on the United States now, and says Argentina has awakened to how America REALLY is. bad.


Brian, aka Nanoc, aka Norski said...

"was it unrealistic" ?

Trick question, right? In my opinion, expecting one of the 'great thinkers' of the current period to say anything nice about President Bush is a little like expecting a prominent member of the KKK to sing the praises of Martin Luther King.

It's not going to happen.

'Everybody knows' that Mr. Bush looks like a chimp (take a look at the editorial cartoons), is very stupid, and never does anything right.

And, if you don't agree, you're stupid, too. At least, according to the better sort here in America.

While I'm running hot, a word about the Nobel Peace Prize: I'm nowhere near as impressed by it as I was, back in my youth.

You'll see why, if you take a look at the list of All Nobel Peace Prize Laureates.

It's not exactly a rogue's gallery, but they're not all people I'd want my children to emulate, either.