May 19, 2008

USAID and Anti-Americanism

..."I must admit that if I was a US official and cast my eye down this page I would conclude “Well ***** you”, take my aircraft and ships, my young men and women and bring them home..."

In relation to yesterdays post about USAID, we were somewhat taken aback by the number of callous and uninformed comments made at the referenced post. Here are some excerpts:

“Saying Americans help people overseas is pure bullshit, Americans help themselves to what other nations surrender to their military might. They do nothing in the humanitarian fields without an ulterior motive of gain for themselves.”

“Its the least the US could do after all the destruction it leaves behind. The Americans’ ability to deploy its forces anywhere in the world is testament to its massive military infrastructure that spans the globe. And why is it anti-Americanism to criticise the aggressive, imperialist foreign policies of the US? Most of the world has a negative view of American foreign policy. And with good reason.
But no lets ignore all the wars and trouble they have caused throughout the world and simply remember the good they do. May I remind you that you do the exact opposite when criticising a nation such as China.”

"The view of the Great Satan USA will disappear along with Bush so you can come down from your go-go podium. It’s thanks to him that the UN has been undermined on so many fronts and can’t meet it’s potential. The UN and Australia are also waiting on the sidelines of Burma......a lot of good that does. Whilst we’re talking about credit where credit’s due we should applaud China’s quick response to it’s own catastrophe. In fact that’s what I thought your column was going to be about. Remember, the era of US influence is waning. China is dominating the global community. It is with the greatest respect that we applaud the good deeds of a Communist regime which is striding quickly to become the world’s most powerful and influential nation. Let’s hear it for China!"

Obviously the latter believes that a communist and anti-free speech China would be a better world citizen, go figure…

But then, there were some positives, like this enlightened commenter...

“I think that reading some of the anti-American bile written here you have sort of proved your point. It doesn’t matter what the US does, it will be hated. Its not even as if the positives are acknowledged in some sort of balanced view of the US - they are simply rejected out of hand and with a roar the Great Satan view reasserted. Indeed, bizarrely, anyone who even suggests that the US does something (anything?) right is ‘biased’. I must admit that if I was a US official and cast my eye down this page I would conclude “Well ***** you”, take my aircraft and ships, my young men and women and bring them home. Europe can then sort out the Middle East (or sell nuclear technology to the highest bidder), the UN can appoint some of its African members as representatives to deal with poverty and political corruption in Africa (and take something off the top while doing so) and we can wait for Chinese transport aircraft to deliver food, medical supplies and other materials to Burma....presumably after dropping off some other hardware to Kim Jong-il. All of which would fill me with a warm fuzzy glow for the future mankind.”

But getting back to the aid question, yesterdays post mentioned nothing about private aid. A quick search reveals that here too, the U.S. gives more foreign aid than any other country by a wide margin according to the Index of Global Philanthropy as published on May 12th by the Hudson Institute. It's all revealed in the image folks.

Call it a by-product of the post-ideological age but anti-Americanism seems to have changed little since that Pew report and plugs a cavity left by medieval belief practices. How can a world that reacts so harshly to the U.S. bear any logic in its message. Would a world without present day America be more peaceful, stable, prosperous, secure and open? While there remain many who stand up to U.S. leadership I ask, who else would be ready and able torment, menace, coax, and pay off nations to relinquish terror and dismantle their WMD programs?

With respect to just about all the modern day challenges, be it terrorism, international trade, AIDs, nuclear proliferation, and foreign aid, American leadership stands tall and remains a primary prerequisite.

At the end of the day, I'm with Janet, "Let’s hear it for America."

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Aurora said...

Few things rankle quite so much as the trashy, useless, anti-American ingrates of the latte-sipping, kneejerk left. It's been said before and it's going to be said again...Why don't they all just pack their baggage and head off for an America-free country like Cuba where they can enjoy the anti-American ranting of a leader and they don't have to put up with a world infused with American values and influences.
On the other hand, the final comment you post cuts right to the chase on it all. Will the kneejerk reactionaries pay one scrap of attention to the wake-up call? Of course not. They'll carry on as programmed by their high school teachers, their university professors and their news broadcasters like the Everready bunny. They'll still be chanting their idiocy if and when the U.S. pulls out and the jihadis move in to take charge. If and when sharia law comes into effect, they'll be shaking their fists and blaming America once again...cuz that's what they do.

WomanHonorThyself said...

wonderful post Otto!...I have come full circle and yes..if a country has the audacity to refuse help...let them sink or swim and see how the media then points fingers at the US for NOT saving the world!..blech!!!

Debbie said...

One interesting thing about both your posts is the LACK of giving by Islamic countries, specifically the oil-rich Saudi Arabia. If I remember my Bible correctly, God teaches "to whom much is given, much is expected". I think the US takes that seriously.

We are a blessed country and we never fail to share our good fortune with others less fortunate. The more we give, the MORE others expect us to give. The MORE we give, the more others expect us to give ... in many cases without gratitude and without thanks.

However, we will continue to give each time we see the need. That's who we are -- Americans.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

Karen said...

It is grewing ever more tiresome, the constant blame America first crowd on the left. Now, their candidate of choice, Obama, peddles the same nonsense to the hoards swooning over his empty rhetoric. And his wife is worse than him. The chip on her shoulder is a boulder.

We are the most blessed nation on the face of the earth. We are the most generous and loyal to friends, too. To re-write history makes me ill.

American said...

ah yes that "latte sipping" and I would add, foccacia munching "knee left" which as it turns out, is increasingly a large swab of our population thanks to the incessant indoctrinating processes that commence at prep grade and culminate at uni. It's either bad America or poor gradings at best. There are no easy answers aurora. Maybe a world crises of WWII like proportions in which the U.S. once aagin bails everyone out from the evils of a tyrannt would provide a temporary paradigm shift back to having some respect for America...Notice I said temporary! Is that what it would take?

either way, still they criticise..blech!!!

American said...

Noticed the lack of generosity from the Islamic world, problem is the focus is always on the wrong crowd. It's in the nature of America to provide, regardless...

Firstly, thanks for posting about Irena Sendlerowa, they were talking about her on TV this morning. Guess we are all growing tiresome of the "blame America first crowd on the left". And, as for Obama and co....

The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

Thank you for the post. Thank you for the graphic at the top. Thank you for standing with the US.

People will always condemn but if those who condemn were in the same position and needed help because of a natural disaster or anything else for that matter those same offering condemnation will be crying for and gladly recieve money and goods from the US.

We will always give because that is who we are!

The Historian said...


Presentation of the facts always drives the far left wild. The truth is that the far left, whether in America or anywhere else on the planet, hates the United States. That is a given: no value in being bothered by that reality. It has been that way for as long as I can remember and I've spent most of a lifetime here on the left coast.

Despite all the noise from lefties, the vast majority of people on earth like if not admire the USA. That also drives the far left nuts. Americans tend to be popular wherever they go and the historical record is replete with evidence of the desire of others to come to America.

Hate is it's own reward.

American said...

Ken Taylor:
Agreed, it's in the nature of America to provide, regardless ... Glad you appeciate post...

The Historian:
Facts can hurt! I do believe you correct is saying that most like the States and what it presents. But the far left make a lot of noise and need to be countered.

MK said...

"Would a world without present day America be more peaceful, stable, prosperous, secure and open?"

One day they'll find out. Then they'll understand that old saying, careful what you wish for.

Who am i kidding, they'll never get it, the dumb schmucks. It's a mental thing Otto, stuck on stupid or something. It's fuel is the fact that America never really fulfills the evil nasty bogeyman they fantasize it is.

If only they would move off to China or Burma and bask in all the glory that is communism and take their rightful place in the collective. But we know they won't, no parasite ever leaves its host willingly.

The Lonely Conservative said...

Hey Otto, thanks for this post. MK-love your comment about the parasite and the host. How very true. If the lefties in America get their way and turn us into a communist/socialist country, there won't be anything left for the rest of the vultures to pick off.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't have said it better myself Otto.

Great post

Brian, aka Nanoc, aka Norski said...

Thanks: another very good post. And, to-the-point for what's going on these days.

I think Aurora was spot-on: "They'll carry on as programmed by their high school teachers, their university professors and their news broadcasters like the Everready bunny."

I've run into the phrase, "everybody knows" a few times recently - generally in connection with the deficiencies of America.

On the one hand, I'm annoyed - but on the other, I think I've got a July 4th post in the making now.

Back to your post, and its point:

IMO, one of the chief reasons that America is so roundly hated is because this country is

1) Highly successful

2) Imperialistic: Really! In the sense that people with get-up-and-go tend to get up and go: to America. And the ones who stay behind start imitating American ways, and buying American products

3) Big, really big: and when you're (understandably) interested in your own country, with the GNP of a Midwestern American city and no reasonable hope of making a difference on the world stage, envy is a very human response

4) Extremely helpful: This is the cruelest tactic of all. Instead of crushing other nations under its iron heel, America adds to their (perceived) humiliation by --- helping them!

Jeff said...

Excellent post Otto!

The real threat to world order and peace will be when America begins scaling back its policing and humanitarian aid under a President Obama...unfortunately.

Incognito said...

WE are damned if we do and damned if we don't.

Those comments are so typical and does make one think why should we help the world when we are resented for it.

And indeed, we as individuals, and particularly the conservatives in the US (I posted about this a long time ago) are some of the biggest donors in the world. Though I did read somewhere, recently, that although we donated in record amounts for the 2004 Tsunami, that we haven't so much for either Burma or China. SOme think it might be donor fatigue (2 in one shot) or just the fact that most of us don't believe the money will get to those who need it the most. It's crossed my mind... will my few dollars line the pockets of the Burmese generals?
Great post, and thanks for advocating for us Otto!

American said...

"no parasite ever leaves its host willingly". Love it! Thank you....

The lonely conservative

Hey thanks for commenting, I'll head over to your site soon. At least yu have a healthy online conservative infrastructure in the States to help ward off the lefties...Can't say the same for Australia. Not yet anyway...Keep up the good fight!


Hello there, good to see you here, how's ya been?

I see your doing a fine job at the "Our world as we see it". Glad you are onside!

American said...


Spot on with the 4 points you make. The following is a short excerpt from my next post, "amongst the many elements of American power that incites its detractors, things like success, imperialistic, expansiveness and generosity (see previous two posts), democratic economics and capitalism are viewed as the both an enemy and disease. The detractors take pride in divorcing themselves from reality whenever it suits and include the likes of anti-modern greens, Islamists, the intellectual, and broad ranging left".



Interesting times ahead under Obama rule. However, hey, let us not assume his home and hosed yet. November will be interesting.... Appreciate your coming by!

American said...


I recall reading similar posts at your end. Under the circumstances and in the grand scheme of things America is doing enough regardless of the final figure to Burma and China. Thanks incog and keep up the good work at yours...

Tapline said...

Otto, Outstanding Post.......Same outstanding quality of product....stay well......

American said...

tap: Thank-you and you stay well too...