June 25, 2008

R.I.P. George Carlin

I came across this gem over at therightwife. Watch it here or there it don't matter, just watch it. Like her, I have never subscribed to everything George Carlin has said, but as the British would say, this one's a "ripper".

He hits the spot about all the environment nonsense out there ...

Blessings to George, his family and fans!


heidianne jackson said...

i had a love-hate relationship with george carlin. but, love or hate what he said, he was a singularly brilliant man.

i remember seeing this when it originally aired on hbo (i think) and mr. j and i were laughing and clapping right along with the live audience. i will miss his voice.

heidianne jackson

Karen said...

He was one very funny man. Sad that he's gone now. I remember back to the 1970's listening to him and the laughs he brought to us a college students, amazed at the things he said and got away with!

Truly a one of a kind talent.

Layla said...


He most assuredly will be missed.

The Historian said...

Thanks Otto. A very good piece and only a little foul language.

Debbie said...

I really liked some of his stuff, then on the other hand, I hated some of his stuff. He was complicated, or rather a good comedian.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth