July 1, 2008

American World Food Aid

Six weeks after the U.S. announced a resumption (the first in three years) of food aid, an American ship carrying thousands of tonnes of food has arrived in North Korea after the Government agreed to allow more international help to feed its people.

The US government's development arm, USAID, said over the next year it will provide half a million tonnes of food.

The decision to resume food aid came days after Pyongyang handed US negotiators documents detailing its past nuclear activities. Read more here

Moreover, just today The Australian reports that the U.S. will spend an additional $US1.25 billion on international food aid donations this year and next as donor countries seek to blunt the effects of soaring food prices on the world's poor.

President George W. Bush has signed a supplemental spending bill that will provide last-minute funding for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and a host of other international and domestic priorities.

The bill signed into law today will also provide an additional $US850 million ($885 million) to Food for Peace, the largest U. food aid program, in fiscal 2008 and $US395 million ($412 million) for fiscal 2009, according to Senate staff workers.

Interesting fact

Contributions to World Food Aid Programme:

USA $618,116 789 ... China $4,500,000 (as at 22 June)

USA $1,183,173,510 ... China $2,566,897

That's some 618 million against 4.5 million in 2008 and some $1.18 billion against just over 2.5 million in 2007!

The difference in 2008 to date equals a factor of 137x, which is quite a disparity given that China is the worlds fourth largest economy. Unless that is, it just overtook Germany in which case, it would be the third largest after Japan and the U.S.

Source: World Food Programme

(Thanks to reader Lisa)


David Schantz said...

"trying to secure full access for its staff to ensure that the food aid goes to those who need it most." Keeping the food out of the hands of the corrupt that would try to get rich will be a big problem.

God Bless America, God Save The Republic.

WomanHonorThyself said...

more info I didnt know Otto..thanks so much...corruption reigns supreme my friend..............

heidianne jackson said...

bigger news would seem to be that aid got to where it was supposed to without aching the hands of the corrupt. how truly sad that is.

heidianne jackson

MK said...

And any of the haters willing to give America and Bush credit for this?

hearing crickets, lots and lots of crickets...

Chris McClure aka Panhandle Poet said...

I suppose now the world socialists will see this as an American attempt to enslave the world by creating dependency on their aid....

The Lonely Conservative said...

Sure, the world loathes the US but they sure do like our money.