July 9, 2008

Nuclear Iran: There are no 'good' options.

The consensus would suggest a cautious approach about whether or not to attack Iran. Just days after visiting Israel and amid growing speculation about a possible Israeli strike, U.S. Navy Admiral Michael G. Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, urged caution.

Postglobal has posted an interesting panel discussion where it debates just how likely or otherwise a U.S. or Israeli attack is, before President Bush leaves office.

Bush’s Farewell Includes Attack on Iran“Americans appear bent on either launching a strike or steps of covert action to create dynamics that will make it impossible to avoid waging war against Iran” writes Lamis Andoni a Middle East consultant for Al Jazeera, the Qatar-based news station. more >>

For U.S., History May Repeat Itself“The possibility of an Israeli attack against Iran is always “five,” no matter the circumstances. An existential fear about the fate of their nation seems to be embedded in the Israeli psyche. Our dear president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad knows this and drives Israelis’ meshuggah by continually talking about two things that Israelis feel most strongly about: the Jewish Holocaust and the existence of Israel. Of course it doesn't help that Iran is developing its nuclear technology "for peaceful purposes." Writes Maziar Bahari of Iran, an award winning documentary filmmaker and journalist from Iran. more >>

Attack On Iran? It Won't Happen“I can think of three reasons why George W. Bush will not attack Iran ... The first reason is the economy … The second reason is North Korea … The third reason is John McCain” … Writes Leon Krauze a Mexican blogger and a founder of letraslibres.com. more >>

At any rate, it would be wise for the international community to keep the pressure on Iran through multilateral negotiations backed by the threat of real force.

Make no mistake; the international community is building to a crisis in Iran, as is the U.S. The present maneuvers by all global interests are fascinating in both complexity and at times, simplicity. Nevertheless, the fact remains, Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons and the highly enriched uranium program in addition to the heavy-water reactor that will produce plutonium is evidence enough.

A strike on Iran would present incredible obstacles and danger in the context of the region and Americas present involvement, but allowing Iran to develop nuclear weapons presents equal danger, there are no good options.

Is fellow blogger subadei correct in his comments in my previous post? "Iran will obtain nuclear arms and the world will, as it did with Pakistan, effing well deal with it" … What do you think …


Anonymous said...

Defense Secretary Gates said at a press conference from the Pentagon today that the U.S. is no closer to a strike on Iran than yesterday.

Obama said Iran needs aggressive and direct diplomacy.

McCain said the threat should unite western countries to deal with the threat.

Yeah, that clears it all up.

Karen said...

Sorry, that was me.

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Well, IRGC's website makes a case that the regime believes it will be attacked. The mullahs are trying to ramp up public op.

Yet all the scary scary things that Iran could do if hit - makes a case that 'Global Strike" will be comprehensive and not an old school escalation scale of events.

MK said...

The way we're going, we certainly will have to effing deal with it, just that the terms of the deal won't be to our liking. The funny thing is that most of us should know the danger of a Nuclear powered Iran, but we do our best to hobble the two countries who can actually do something about Iran from actually doing something about Iran.

Did you hear that El-Baradei fellow threatening to resign if anyone takes military action against Iran? Well excuse me you arrogant tosspot, the lives of millions of people are at stake here and they are a lot more important than your career goals alright.

WomanHonorThyself said...

nuclear powered little Hitler?..not a pretty sight my friend!..great post Otto!

heidianne jackson said...

i keep hoping israel will strike just in time to thouroughly oust the idea of an obama presidency. heck, that might even turn the tide in australia and england back to conservation...

heidianne jackson

Z said...

wouldn't it be miraculous if a European country actually stepped up to the bat and did something NOW? As if they're not included in the threat, considering the missiles tested the other day in Iran can REACH some of Europe!?

No...they taunt US, threaten US, tease US into not doing something (wink wink). what else is new?

subadei said...

Otto, thanks for the mention. I'll have a post up soon regarding this.

Chris McClure aka Panhandle Poet said...

I think we will see one or more surgical strikes by Israel and possible by U.S. sea-launched cruise missles within the next 6 months.