August 30, 2008

McCains veep

Some have reported the choice of Sarah Palin as a risk, I think nots, on the contrary a clever choice and one that just might even snare some votes from disgruntled supporters of failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. It's change of a type that Conservatives can believe in!

Sarah Palin, a former runner-up in the Miss Alaska beauty contest, burst on to the political scene in 2006 by becoming both the first female and youngest governor in Alaskan history at the age of 42. She had previously gained statewide attention as a gutsy maverick unafraid to speak truth after whistleblowing on ethical violations by state Republican Party leaders during her time on the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission. A "soccer-mom" type with telegenic appeal, Mrs Palin is a real life Miss Congeniality — she won the title in the Wasilla beauty pageant back in 1984.


An Alaskan through and through, Mrs Palin grew up with a love of traditional outdoor pursuits. As a child she regularly got up before dawn to go moose-hunting with her father and is still a strong believer in gun ownership. She is a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association. >> more
The announcement was perfectly timed, thus minimizing any post convention bounce for the Obama camp ...

What do you think?

Said one Australian commenter, OK I admit, my very first thoughts, "what” then post her speech I think, "stirring ", moreover, after some research, “home run.” For those wanting to learn more about Palin, Donald Douglas at American Power provides an informative summary with some great links. Visit: Beehive Bombshell is McCains Secret Weapon!

Incidentally, I knew I'd seen an image of Sarah Palin before and then I recalled where, it was here ... Who would have thought.

Rasmussen poll finds that 53% have a favorable opinion of Palin, compared to 43% for Delaware Senator Joseph Biden on the day he was chosen.


The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

This selection by McCain is excellent!! She satisfies every aspect of concern about McCain's campaign.

Conservative, pro-lif, NRA member, reformer, fiscal excellence and to top it all a woman.

This mey very weel put the ciing on the cake and put McCain in the White House.

The Dems are going nuts about this because if they come out hard against her they will show their hypocrisy concerning women.

If they try the ,"experience," angle it will explode big time back on Obama!

Way to go John McCain and Sarah Palin!!!! The next President and Vice President of The United States!

Z said...

Otto, I couldn't BE more excited or happy (and relieved). Your "HERE" article is AMAZING! A prophet!
Actually, I've been praying it would be her since I first heard her name on the short list, but then her name disappeared the last 2 months or so!
This sure did take out forever whatever air was in the Obama speech (HOT air, of course..)

I wish ALL Americans were astute as you are over in Australia! YOu need to VOTE!!! thanks for an excellent piece here!

Layla said...

Palin is the right pick at the right time. My hope is renewed.

Jungle Mom said...

It was brilliant!

Karen said...

She is a perfect choice. McCain was being McCain with this choice. Thank goodness. Palin is the face of the new Republican party. She is the future.

Debbie said...

I hear that the latest zogby poll has McCain 47% and Obama 45%, so the bump for Obama is gone, if this is true.

Also McCain's contributions are up 7 Million. We will probably start contributing again now. I just couldn't give to McCain after his illegal immigration bill he pushed.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

MK said...

I think so too Otto. Judging by the emotional attacks from the left on her, it certainly looks like the good choice. I spend some time yesterday researching her a bit and reading what true Conservatives think of her and so far it's all good. I can't vote, however if i could, i would have voted for McCain anyway, because i fear Obama. But with Palin on board i'd vote for McCain because i want to. That is a big difference and i think that'll help McCain with a lot of Conservatives who were planning to stay away.
And in case you haven't seen it

WomanHonorThyself said...

can ya tell how excited we are!!

Ortho said...

This selection, like most VP selections, is utterly meaningless.

Jeff said...

Palin was a great pick. The real test for her will be the debate with Biden. She is has the wit and intellence. She needs to show some tenacity and a willingness to engage Biden on any front.

Anonymous said...

I think McCain's choice was BRILLIANT! When I heard who he had chosen, I was shocked and then excited.

The experience arguement will not hold any water if the dems try and go that route.

And to criticize her choice to go home to have the child. Hello? That is hypocrisy 101.

You should be allowed to destroy children but not decide where to give birth. Geeze!

WomanHonorThyself said...

come by Otto when ya have a chance and check out one of my latest posts on Aussie men..woot! :)

The Lonely Conservative said...

It was a brilliant choice, solidified after her speech Thursday night. After 6 days she had a higher approval rating than Obama. Some of my friends and family members who are Democrats have said they are voting for McCain. No matter what, it should be an interesting election season!