August 20, 2008

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The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

It would seem that Vlad the Invader is trying to rebuild the Siviet Union by testing US and wrold resolve with this invasion of Georgia.

He has been moving in that direction since he came into power. Once KGB always KGB.

Need I remond Vlad that the October Revolution which brought about Soviet Communism began in 1917 and ended with the colapse of the Soviet Empire in 1989.

the free Republic of The United States began with the Revolution of 1776 and still stands strong today because free men and women choose to live in the liberties that a free society offers and not forced to live under the opression that the Soviets once had.

So I ask Vlad, which form of government is better ? The oppression of Soviet communisn which collapsed or the freedom of American capitalism whose success and strength only grow by the free will of the people.

Stick to your borders Vlad because the Georgians want freedom and free men will always prevail!

WomanHonorThyself said...

I cant top the first commentor!..:)

Z said...

well, I guess I can't talk about this subject because it would be hard to avoid coarse language OR keep the discussion civil!! It's SO anger provoking!

Apparently, one cannot take the KGB out of any ex KGB leader. He's at it again, at a time when we're weaker than ever.

hi, Otto..! Come tell me what a few of your favorite books are..I'm taking a poll!

The first comment is excellent, by the way...except that I think our kids aren't QUITE into liberty as much as they were; Not if they have to work hard for it. Entitlements, they'll take....but Obama's going to teach them the government can buy their liberty. BIG mistake.

Jay@Soob said...

Lol. Vlad the Invader. I like it.

I don't think Vlad is looking for a return to communist rule. Quasi-dictatorship, perhaps.

I do think he's looking to establish a competitive hegemony. We've spent the last 15+ years living on a uni-polar globe with America the sole "Super-power." That's given America more than enough time to reach a point in which they virtually "patrol" the entire globe, having neatly divided it up into sections of command (Pacific Command, African Command, etc.)
With both China and India breaking out economically we're looking at a return to multi-polarity that we haven't seen in centuries. China has taken the American course in projecting their influence, cozying up to states through investment and protectionism (especially Africa.) Russia is late to the party and knows it and so is taking the old road, using their military to force their sphere of influence. In the long run this will fail as all empires in the old form have failed. But the short term promises some dark days if Russia has it's way.

The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

Jay, while I see your point about Russia and the old way it also stands to reason that Vlad's invasion coupled with the nuclear threat to Poland as well as the moves he has made within his country economically and governmentally do paint a picture of an attempt by him to return to the old Soviet ways.

His KGB back ground is just to much to shake. Also you can't trust anyone whose name sounds like a bodily function ! LOL

Anonymous said...

Someone ought tell Vlad that Russia ain't the Soviet Union.

Jay@Soob said...

the liberal lie the conservative truth; I get what you're saying but consolidation of power doesn't necessarily point to a return to communism. Putin isn't a stupid man, not even slightly, and he very likely realizes the communist (Leninist) doctrine that founded the Soviet Union also caused it's collapse. Nor is he in a position to take an already existing communist regime and move it into the oddball hybrid of capitalism and communism in the same fashion the Chinese have. At best (or worst) the Russian government under his design might come to resemble Chavez Venezuelan structure. Though there too lie lessons in overly strict nationalization of otherwise free enterprise. Time will tell, I guess.

Anonymous said...

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