November 28, 2008

Mumbai Terrorism Crises: Listen up President Obama

Despite everything you Americans have done, the terrorists are saying, we can still hit you. We can hit your friends in their economic heartlands, and we can ...

As news filters through that a BBC tycoon is listed amongst the victims The Australian's Greg Sheridan argues that the attacks send a strong message to Obama.

This is a devastating assault on India, its democracy, its way of life and its brilliant economy, all of which excite envy and hatred from Islamic extremists.

But it is also a message from Terror Central to US president-elect Barack Obama.

Despite everything you Americans have done, the terrorists are saying, we can still hit you. We can hit your friends in their economic heartlands, and we can hunt down your citizens in the commercial capitals of your friends.

Only last week, al-Qa'ida ideological boss Ayman al-Zawahiri issued a statement exhorting jihadists everywhere to continue hunting Americans and British.

These attacks, in which US and British passport-holders were singled out for individual murder - as well, apparently, as Jews - have the al-Qa'ida imprint.

They demonstrate once more the savage, sectarian nihilism of the terror movements. It will nonetheless take some time for the identity and the origins of the perpetrators of this terrorist atrocity to become clear. >> more
Via: The Australian

At the heart of the matter it's simply another case of Islamic radicals once again targeting Westerners. This is no ordinary part of India; Mumbai not merely chic but India’s financial center. Islamic fundamentalists have now targeted Western civilians in Bali, Tanzania, Kenya, Cairo, London, Madrid, New York City, and Washington D.C. Those foolishly hoping for abatement in the war on terror following Obama’s victory may be in for a surprise. Is it time we take the fight to the enemy? India is a major U.S. ally, a democracy that is well armed, will Europe and America act or stand on the sidelines and if it does, how will it act?

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Bolt's view

This is the struggle Obama inherits, and it will not end until Islamists horrify enough fellow Muslims by their pointless slaughter - and until Bush's dream is fulfilled, and Muslim nations share our love for the freedom now under such savage attack in Mumbai.

Westerners feel the heat in Mumbai

But was this brazen killing also a deliberate attack on Westerners? The terrorists appeared to target foreigners. Horrified witnesses say the gunmen demanded British and American passports and then dragged off hostages. Israeli citizens have reportedly been singled out too. The gunmen struck popular tourist sites — five-star hotels, a cinema and a favourite restaurant for overseas visitors.


Jay@Soob said...

I don't disagree with what I took to be the theme of this post. That even given the incredible (ridiculous) global expectations and optimism in the wake of the election of Obama the Long War will continue. But this bit from that Bolt article:

"Mumbai has been hit by Islamist terrorists before, of course, but those were very different. The targets were locals, and so were the grievances."

What abject bulls**t to assume, ignorantly, that simply because the actions were localized that they were "different" to the degree of bearing no relation to the current crisis in Mumbai. Bolt is correct in presuming that the Obama election won't be a simple cure all to terrorism. But at the same time he lends a monolithic quality to terrorism the bears little merit to reality.

In leaping to assure us that this was an action wholly designed to attack western values, Bolt fails to consider other plausible motives.

Consider, perhaps, the possibility that by directing their efforts at Brits and Yanks they sought an economic blow to India's economic center in terms of both international investment and tourism.

Or that these operatives (who came into Mumbai via ship) are of Pakistani origin and looking to further reignite India/Pakistan tensions over Kashmir.

Or, shocking, they had a multi-faceted strategy to attain both the above efforts in one operation. Or plenty of other possibilities.

Apologies for the rant.

Justin Halter said...

Obama did not merely inherit this struggle, he has enflamed it, pouring gas on the fire.

Remember his first cabinet member, an Israeli Zionist, and his subsequent denouncement by Al Qaida as a house negro?

The Muslim terrorists are not stupid. They are merely taking advantage of the great betrayal the whole Muslim world is feeling about Obama's values.

He is so incompetent that he has reignited a War on Terror that Bush had won, before he has even taken office.

As bad as Carter was, I would replace Obama with him right now, and we would be better off as country.

We are getting all of the pro-Zionism, with none of the strength and determination, of the Bush administration.

Note to Obama: you cannot be both weak and provocative. Or does he secretly intend to be just as aggressive as Bush? That would certainly be a surprise to the world.

Is he even bright enough to learn these lessons? Signs are not good.

Tapline said...

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Mberenis said...

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Anonymous said...

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AI said...

Justin Halter: Wise words thank you..

Note to Obama: you cannot be both weak and provocative.

MK said...

It is indeed a wake up to Obama and the left, neither of whom will awaken i fear.

I just hope obama sobers up real fast when he starts getting briefed on reality and quietly shelves his nonsense about closing gitmo and reaching out to terrorists.