December 30, 2008

Israel must be brave it is now or never – Crush Hamas

… Within minutes of the first Israeli air strike, the Arabs were screaming "massacre" and the media had all but forgotten the serial assaults that provoked it … Michael B. Oren

For quite some time Palestinian TERROR GROUP Hamas has been shelling Israeli cities, more recently, in the week preceding Israel's present military operation, hundreds of rockets have pounded the Southern part of the country, terrorizing its population. Operation Cast Lead, which has been in the planning for months was finally activated last Saturday destroying dozens of military and police targets, camps and crude weapons facilities. Now as the worlds media rallies to the Hamas cause we have arrived at a critical juncture for Israeli political resolve. To finally rid us of the scourge that is, Hamas. With this in mind, the American-Israeli scholar, historian and author Michael B. Oren reflects my feelings in terms of the initial media coverage, but more so, the question of whether Israel will finally end, “its painful chronicle of indecision on Gaza”:

Crush Hamas and brave the Backlash - CNN International's coverage of the weekend's fighting in Gaza concluded with a rush of images: mangled civilians writhing in the rubble, primitive hospitals overflowing with the wounded, fireballs mushrooming between apartment complexes, the funeral of a Palestinian child. Missing from the montage, however, was even a fleeting glimpse of the tens of thousands of Israelis who spent last night and much of last week in bomb shelters; of the house in Netivot, where a man was killed by a Grad missile; or indeed any of the hundreds of rockets, mortar shells, and other projectiles fired by Hamas since the breakdown of the so-called ceasefire. This was CNN at its unprincipled worst, grossly skewering its coverage of a complex event and deceiving its viewers … Nobody seems to know how long Israel's operation will last or the criteria for deeming it successful. No Israeli leader, whether from Kadima, Labor or Likud, has articulated a clear vision for Israel's relationship with the obstreperous Strip.
Either way, Israel will never win the any popularity contest in the West, it may as well “brave the backlash” and go all the way with the current operation, noting too, that in loose terms, Israel is presently fighting our war on terror. We shall wait and see if the more hawkish types within the political apparatus have the final say - step up, Tizipi Livini and Ehud Barak.


Netanyahu is correct, only regime change will bring an end to to threat ...
Our goal should be twofold - stopping the attacks on our cities and eliminating the threat of rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip…Stopping the attacks can be done within a short period of time, while eliminating the threat of rocket attacks from Gaza will entail toppling the Hamas rule over the Strip and uprooting the Iranian base there. >> more


Anonymous said...

Indeed, if government can be considered on a continuum, and by this I mean, from anarchy to a competent state, then Hamas would be considered fairly close to anarchy. For, Hamas is a terrorist group, instead, of a legitimate government, thus, as a result, Israel could seek to promote a more competent order there, however, it would be high cost. In the end, Israel could wage perpetual war against Hamas, and as a corollary, perpetual peace, that is, thereupon, flushing out the terrorists, for a new competent government would be the result. To be clear, this is costly, however, anarchy is a source of war, thus, state building is apposite, as it would provide a panacea for the Hamas threat.

It was a great read, and moreover, I agree with your assertion, “Either way, Israel will never win the any popularity contest in the West, it may as well “brave the backlash” and go all the way with the current operation, noting too, that in loose terms, Israel is presently fighting our war on terror.”

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Knocking out Gaza will probably take 2 panzer divisions reinforced with infantry.

An amphib asaualt to split Stripistan in half is also a possibility.

While many crowed about Little Satan's failure to kill Hiz'B'Allah way back in 2006 and claim HAMAS learned from that conflict it is also true that Little Satan's rowdy IDF has most likely learned a thing or two as well.

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed Otto, this is what i meant when i said 'a new kind of scumbaggery' and a new apathy in the earlier post. Yes, CNN is biased and treacherous, but few care, who is holding them accountable? No one.

The masses don't even know the bias and treachery of the MSM, in some ways, they don't even care.

Israel needs to fight the PR battle as well, no matter how hard and futile it is for them. But they must crush Hamas once and for all, anything short of that is a waste of time, might as well pack up and go home and get back to dodging rockets.

Anonymous said...

Mskviews it is true that Israel must fight the PR battle, as it could rally support.

For Israel the scenario is indeed asymmetric, that is, right up to the highest levels of violence. However, with external help Israel could hopefully deter Hamas, that is, with conditional threats from allies. If Hamas made an effort to make its behavior amenable to external threats, then Hamas would prove rational. In any case, Hamas, as it stands, has offensive intentions that require Israeli retaliation. Thus, in the end, PR is indeed a concern, as it could rally support from allies.

AI said...

GSGF: Thanks for the military analysis, I don't see a repeat of 2006 here either ...

MK: Thanks for coming by, I'll get over to yours soon ...

RP Nere: National Interest, and as a corollary, Primacy

Great comments! All the best with the new blog, it has been added to the blogroll here ...

Anonymous said...

Hi Otto!

I agree totally. Israel must destroy and demolish not only Hamas, but the Fatah Party too. It is time this horrible evil ends. PERIOD!

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!

The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

Agreed. Crush Hamas and get this over with. It won't be the end of Israel's problems but will be a great load off their back.

With Egypt, Jordan, and The PA behind the scenes actually supporting Israel in this particular action may actually cause the end of Hamas.

I heard yesterday that Egypt is on full alert to place troops at the Sinai in order ot prevent Hamas from running away in that direction.

Go get them Israel!

WomanHonorThyself said...

amen Otto..what else can I say that I havent already my friend!.Happy New Year hugsss from NYC!:)