December 29, 2008

Ladies and Gentleman Mrs Laura Bush First Lady

... On January 20, 2009, when the President relinquishes his post to the new President Barack Obama, George W. Bush can proudly state: Mission Accomplished ...

Several times at least, I have espoused my belief that President Bush's actions will be vindicated in due course, as noted here, here and here, history ought be kind ...

In the following video, First Lady Laura Bush cites just some of the Presidents achievements ... In the beginning I underestimated just how entrenched Bush Derangement Syndrome really was, that condition first so named by Washington Post columnist, Charles Krauthammer.

Hat tip: Gateway Pundit Sunday, December 28, 2008

The National Republican Lawyers Association has released a credible piece on President Bush's accomplishments, many of which have never been cited - surprise surprise - by mainstream media.

A Panegyric to the President - Ms. Deborah Bucknam

History should judge President George W. Bush as one of America’s great Presidents. His record of accomplishment in both domestic and foreign policy, his grace in the face of unrivaled malevolence, his courage in the face of dreadful pressure, and his vision of a world made free are the stuff of greatness. Here is an abbreviated catalog of his accomplishments and virtues ... On January 20, 2009, when the President relinquishes his post to the new President Barack Obama, George W. Bush can proudly state: Mission Accomplished. >> more


The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

Otto, The left and their media wing have spent so much time demonizing President Bush it is no wonder that most have no clue as to what he has accomplished and the success that his Presidency has truly been.

Unfortunatly many of those left wingers also write the history, so while I think history will eventually vindicate him and he will be in the upper tier of American Presidents, it will take time before the true judgement of history will be shown.

When Reagan left office he was considered by many historians as a failed President, but as time has passed and the true judgement of history has come to pass, he has risen until the last counting which I saw in November has Reagan tied with Teddy Roosevelt as number three Behind Lincoln and Washington.

While I do not think Bush will make it quite that high on the list he will certainly be among the top ten as the test of time judges his accomplishments and legacy.

Those of us who have our sanity will miss him greatly come January 20 !

Donald Douglas said...

Nice posting, Ottavio!

I do think, with all of my heart, that Bush will be vindicated.

WomanHonorThyself said...

hiya Otto..the propaganda machine is well oiled that truth will never have a chance!:)

mksviews said...

I've never heard her speak before, but i always knew that she was a lovely, graceful woman. This just confirmed it.

The only way Bush will be vindicated is the old fashioned way, you never know what you got until it's taken away. I hope that never happens, because 9/11 showed how painful that can be. But i have a feeling that George W. Bush marked the end of an era in the western world. He had what it took, and i believe there will not be many like him who will have what it takes. That is a reflection on the western world, a sad one.

I don't believe that history will vindicate him, i've noticed the way we in the western world are changing, there is a new kind of scumbaggery that's taking root and also a new kind of apathy that will allow it to fester.

However, Bush doesn't care what man will say of his legacy, that's not what matters to him. He was not the best president, but his heart sure was in the right place and he did the best with what he had. When he meets his maker, that is where it'll matter.