December 27, 2012

Last posting

... This post last updated: Dec 2017 

A select few posts have been published since the blogs formal ending on on January 29 2009 however, this will be the last posting at American Interests.

As written previously, the blogs content will not be deleted recognising the role it plays in the larger ecosystem of information within blogosphere and broadly, the World Wide Web.

It is hoped that the sites content will continue to serve as a useful archive of information pertaining to the interests of the United States.

Anyone finding themselves here and wanting to comment may still do so via this post or otherwise, may contact me via the email link on the profile page.

Once again, thanks to all my readers.

On a final note, if you are viewing this post on the web, be sure to have a look at the recommended "must read" list to the immediate right, it shall be kept updated.

Comments most welcome.

Otto Marasco